Profile Bending Machine SBT20



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The New Profile Bending Machine SBT20 Stands Without Equal. Its Efficiency And The New Technology Make It Outstanding In Performance And Reliability. This Machine Was Especially Designed For Industries. The Advantages Of The BENDO® Are Many. The Option To Change The Tool Holding Fixture From Ø 65 Mm To Ø 105 Mm Is Significant. This Option Can Be Obtained Also Subsequent To The Purchase Of The Standard Machine.
•    Contnuously adjustable front roll distance:min. 280 mm – this enable the achievement of     smallest radii with perfect transitions!
•    All 3 rollers rollers driven by powerful, quiet and clean electrical motors up to 24 rpm
•    Roller support/lunette of all 3 rollers as standard equipment at no extra charge!
•    Bending direction away from the operator (low accident risk)
•    Ergonomic working
•    Powerful  control systems
•    Outstanding cost-performance ratio
•    Consultation, training and commissioning in our works included in the price
•    Swiss Quality
•    Low running costs.Applications:

  • Bend Complex Aluminum Job Profiles
  • Bend Multi-radius jobs
  • Bend Spiral jobs
  • Bend Multi-radius spiral jobs
  • Bend lamped type jobs
  • Bend without wrinkle
  • Bend Square Pipe
  • Bend Round pipe
  • Bend Oval Pipe
  • Bend C-channel
  • Bend T-Channel
  • Bend Grooves in channels.