Profile Bending Machine BENDO



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The New Profile Bending Machine BENDO® Stands Without Equal. Its Efficiency And The New Technology Make It Outstanding In Performance And Reliability. This Machine Was Especially Designed For Industries. The Advantages Of The BENDO® Are Many. The Option To Change The Tool Holding Fixture From Ø 65 Mm To Ø 105 Mm Is Significant. This Option Can Be Obtained Also Subsequent To The Purchase Of The Standard Machine.
•    Contnuously adjustable front roll distance:min. 280 mm – this enable the achievement of     smallest radii with perfect transitions!
•    All 3 rollers rollers driven by powerful, quiet and clean electrical motors up to 24 rpm
•    Roller support/lunette of all 3 rollers as standard equipment at no extra charge!
•    Bending direction away from the operator (low accident risk)
•    Ergonomic working
•    Powerful  control systems
•    Outstanding cost-performance ratio
•    Consultation, training and commissioning in our works included in the price
•    Swiss Quality
•    Low running costs.Applications:

  • Bend Complex Aluminum Job Profiles
  • Bend Multi-radius jobs
  • Bend Spiral jobs
  • Bend Multi-radius spiral jobs
  • Bend lamped type jobs
  • Bend without wrinkle
  • Bend Square Pipe
  • Bend Round pipe
  • Bend Oval Pipe
  • Bend C-channel
  • Bend T-Channel
  • Bend Grooves in channels.