Profile Bending Machine PBT25

The PBT25 Profile Bending Machine Is Designed To Achieve The Highest Quality And Cost Efficiency And Was Developed On The Basis Of Practical Experience. Thanks To The Modular Construction, It Can Quickly Be Converted For New Processes. As All Three Rollers Are Driven, Even Very Large Cross Sections Can Be Bent. Thanks To The Very High Drive Rolls, Profiles Up To 300 Mm In Height Can Be Bent With Highest Quality
 Control Systems
 Teach-In / Tablet350 / PC400
Control Teach-In

•    Contnuously Adjustable Front Roll Distance: Min. 220 Mm – This Enable The Achievement Of Smallest Radii With Perfect Transitions!
•    All 3 Rollers Driven By Powerful, Quiet And Clean Electrical Motors Up To 22 Rpm.
•    Minimal Oil Quantity: 18 Litres
•    Roller Support/Lunette Of All 3 Rollers As Standard Equipment At No Extra Charge!
•    Height Of Rollers 300 Mm
•    Bending Direction Away From The Operator (Low Accident Risk)
•    Ergonomic Working
•    Machine Movable With Drawbar
•    Powerful Control Systems
•    Consultation, Training And Commissioning In Our Works Included In The Price
•    Excellent Price-Performance Ratio
•    Working On Both Sides Possible – Front: Rolling,  Back: Folding
•    Swiss Quality
•    Low Running Costs