3-Rolls Bending Machine For Flat Bar

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3-Rolls Tube-Profile Benders To Bend Sections To Rings, Arches, Coils, Spirals
Sections Bent include Squares, Square-Rectangular-Oval-Round Tubes-Pipes, Rounds, Flats, Angles, T, Channel, I Beams, Roll Formed-Pressed Profiles, Hat Sections, Aluminium Extrusions
In Pyramid Section Bending Machines, bottom rolls rotate along fixed axis. Top roll moves up-down to bend the profile. It is economical, rugged design but results in long flat ends that need to be cut if undesirable. All 3-rolls are driven hence bending with minimal damage to surface.
In Double Pinch Section Bending Rolls, both bottom rolls traverse up-down allowing curving of even ends while top roll position is fixed. With all 3 rolls driven, jobs are rolled with minimal scratches. Ideal for bending full circles, rings. Can form compact diameter coils
Many standard sections can be bent using standard modular rolls. Machines have lateral guides to maintain plane of bend and to control pitch of spiral coils. The bend radius set by changing the position of moveable rollers. Most machines are usable in vertical or horizontal position depending on nature o job, convenience to handle infeed material, output jobs. Cnc versions with automatic push feed, mandrel bending to minimize distortion in hollow profiles, bend jobs with multiple radii e. G. in ellptical, oval shapes.
Applications: These machines can be used for angle bending, flat bending, pipe bending, profile bending, ring forming, ring rolling, section bending, section bending, pipe bending, tube bending, profile bending, roll bender, angle bender, pipe bender, tube bender, beam benders, beam bending, profile bending, section benders, angle rolls, angle bending roll, angle roll, angle bending, profile bending, section bending, aluminium extrusion bending, aluminium profile bending, aluminium window bending, profile bender, section bending roll, section bending, flat bending, section bender, pipe bender, section bending
Application Videos: Please Check Other Pages for Videos Of Various Profiles Being Bent
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