Automation Solutions For Cnc Sheetmetal Laser Cutting Systems

Fast, Flexible Solution For Automated Laser Systems- LaserFlex helps manage sheet metal supplies in formats 3015 and 4020 to several lasers of most popular brands Trumpf, Amada, Salvagnini, Bystronics, Prima, etc) at the same time with varied material. Storage towers single/ double can be in close proximity of lasers or in raw material bay.
Laser Flex 4.0 – Stand Alone System
Basic Tower 4.0 With Laser Flex 4.0 For One Laser Cutting Machine
Basic Tower Sheet Metal 4.0 With Laser Flex 4.0 For Two Laser Cutting Machines
 Sheet Format  3015  4020 6020 8020
Max. Sheet Weight  1000 kg  1700 kg  1700 kg 1700 kg
Max. Sheet Dimension  3048×1524 mm  4064×2032 mm 6096×2032 mm 8128×2032 mm
120” x 60”  160” x 80” 240” x 80” 320” x 80”
Max. Sheet Thickness 25 mm 25 mm 18 mm 13,5 mm
Few Key Features – Benefits of Automated Sheetmetal Systems For Lasers

Integrates Easily To Any Existing Lasers

Increased Productivity In Laser Processing

Fastest Sheet Metal Change Time On The Market

Handling Of Metal Sheets 3015, 4020, Varied Materials.

Highly Automated Manufacturing Processes.

Reduced Downtime Of The Processing Machine.

Effective Supply & Disposal Of Laser Systems

Intuitive, Touch Controls With Management

Innovative, Modern Industry Design

Decoupling Of Supply & Disposal Of Laser.

Forklift  As Disposer. Vacuum As Supplier.

Connects Several Laser Systems In Chain

Can Be Integrated Into Existing Warehouse.