Modular Deburring Machines Flat Products

Modular concept in deburring machines helps buyers add modules as their requirements change without having to replace entire machine.
Below we mention few modules, their uses, with videos showing operation and application

DEBURRING DRUM The highly flexible ERNST deburring cylinder is working almost only on the edges of the workpieces and compensates thickness tolerances as well as warpage. (Comparison to grinding unit as pdf, please click)

BRUSH ROLLER MODULE : Break edges, round edges, oxide removal. Targeted results with corresponding choice of brush rollers
STEEL WIRE BRUSHES: Break the edges by material deformation. Injuries (snags) on broken edges are eliminated. These tools achieve tremendous huge lifetime and at the same time ensure low operating costs
ABRASIVE LAMINAR BRUSHES: These abrasive brushes round the edges by removing material
SPRING STEEL FINGERS: Remove the oxid layer on the small edges on workpieces up to 25 mm thick
FLEECE LAMINAR BRUSHES: Are used in wet grinding for even edge rounding and create a very fine surface finish.

CROSS BELT UNIT: This unit rounds the workpiece edges top and bottom at the same time. 4 cross belts with abrasive brushes (2 from top, 2 from bottom) round the workpiece edges. Alternatively oxide removal brushes can be integrated to remove the oxide on workpieces up to 25 mm thick. Rounding and oxide removal can be combined within one machine!

SPIN MODULE: Spin-Module incorporates 4 abrasive lamella-brushes (2 rotation axis: horizontal and vertical) which are oscillating 400 mm, giving 100% even rounding results. Intensive and even edge rounding, also for parts with up forms, galvanized and PVC coated

ROTATION UNIT: The rotation head incorporates 8 abrasive brushes in a carrousel rounding all edges 100% evenly. Intensive and even edge rounding at high feed rates, also for parts with upforms, galvanized and PVC coated

WIDE BELT UNIT :The graining unit that works with an endless belt is designed to grain all over the workpiece and to create an even surface finish comparable to pregrained material. Thickness tolerances and warpage need to be <= 0,3 mm. (Comparison to grinding unit as pdf, please click)

WASHING & DRYING UNIT: Being the last unit in the wet grinding machines this unit washs and dries the parts and at the same time protects parts from corrosion. Clean parts thoroughly and dry both top and bottom. (Comparison wet/dry as pdf, please click)