EBSC Single Belt Polisher for Small Parts

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The basic machine for ergonomic grinding of smaller parts and lot sizes
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EBSC Single Belt Polisher for Small Parts

  • Quick changing of abrasive belts for roughing and finishing
  • Triangular configuration for excellent access to and visibility oft he working area
  • Pneumatic belt tensioning adjustable
  • Adjustable grinding belt speed
  • Swivel grinding belt up to 90° with perfect belt centering
  • Table height adjustment with soft start ramp
  • Self-centering of grinding belt
  • Easy opening of belt cover
  • Smooth moving prism rollers for table, contact pressure tools and table height adjustment
  • Enhanced safety by safety switches and E-Stop-button
  • Free swiveling pressure tool
  • Pressure roller adaptable with a quick coupling


  • For Surface Polishing
  • For Edge Grinding and Polishing
  • For Deburring
  • For Polishing of square Box
  • For Polishing of Cylindrical jobs
  • For Polishing of Flat Jobs
  • For Square Pipes
  • For Mirror Polishing
  • For Buffing
  • For Different Grade Polishing
  • For Continuous Polishing jobs