PZM – Automated Twin Belt Polisher For Volumenous / Heavy Jobs

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 The PortalTwin-Belt Grinding Machine is built for the roughing and finishing  on welded edges, corners and surfaces on flat and bulky workpieces out of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
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Portal Twin-Belt Grinding Machine Type PZM


  • Savings of approx. 50% on working time by use of the 2 separate grinding belts for roughing and finishing: Only one handling and setup of the workpiece
  • Further savings of approx. 30% by use of the automated Workpiece handling device “Robotec”, no operator in charge during process
  • Huge reliability of the machine due to quick machine setup and easy programming of S7 – PLC
  • Very bulky and voluminous parts, which are longer then the working area of the machine, will be placed directly on the motorized lifter table
  • For the work on smaller parts on the lifter platform, a small and light movable table can be placed or a separate Handling device can be activated
  • The work piece can be orientated on 5 axes and can be prepared on all sides in one operation
  • Quick changing of abrasive belts for roughing and finishing
  • Triangular configuration for excellent access to and visibility of the working area
  • Pneumatic belt tensioning adjustable
  • Adjustable grinding belt speed
  • Swivel grinding belt up to 90° with perfect belt centering
  • Table height adjustment with soft start ramp
  • Self-centering of grinding belt
  • Easy opening of belt cover
  • Smooth moving prism rollers for table, contact pressure tools and table height adjustment
  • Enhanced safety by safety switches and E-Stop-button
  • Free swiveling pressure tool
  • Pressure roller adaptable with a quick coupling


  • For Surface Polishing
  • For Edge Grinding and Polishing
  • For Deburring
  • For Polishing of square Box
  • For Polishing of Cylindrical jobs
  • For Polishing of Flat Jobs
  • For Square Pipes
  • For Mirror Polishing
  • For Buffing
  • For Different Grade Polishing
  • For Continuous Polishing jobs
  • For Steelwork / Steel-service-center
  • For Furniture industry
  • For Electrical cabinet production
  • For Large and Heavy Cabinets
  • For Trapezoidal Heavy Jobs