Flange Straightening Machine

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The machine can straightening flanges of welded H & T beams very easy.The  robust construction of the Flange straightening machine guarantees reliable operation, accurate straightening results and a long service life, whilst requiring a minimum of maintenance. The horizontal design of the machine allows even the largest beams to be handled with ease. The machines automatically operating by a heavy duty & powerful hydraulic. The piece can be supplied with a crane into the straightening machine. Any Roller conveyors is needed to make an easy shifting possible of the parts and an automatic straightening process. The beams pass through the machine and will straightening the flange ( 1-3 times through). The heavy lower roll can be adjust and the web and flange rolls keep the profile down.
Technical data:
Main pressing power : 50 to
cylinder web guide : 7 / 4 to
Straightening speed : 7.6 m / min
Working height : 800 mm
Colour : NCS 3050 blue-green
NCS 4050 wine-red
Description  H-Beam T. L-Beam
Flange Width (b) 200 ~ 500 mm 100 ~ 250 mm
Flange Thickness (t2) 5 ~ 30 mm 5 ~30 mm
Web Hight 250 mm T : 250 ~ 900, L : 250 ~ 900 mm
Web Thickness (t1) 4 ~ 20 mm
Lenght 2’000  – 15’000 mm
Material Of Beam 420 N/mm
Breite Max. 12,000 Kg