Cnc Folding Machines For Turbobend Plus

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Simple and functionally!
Beside the sharp tools, this system offers 110 mm high box tools. The tool segments are locked to the upper beam with a quick-clamp system. The Touch&More control graphically presents a setup instruction to the operator.
The CrownTool combines folding beam tool and crowning system into one innovative component. With the CrownTool you can set the crowning and achieve perfectly straight bends, even when step bending radii. Exisiting machines can be retrofit with this CrownTool.
Touch&More CNC
With the powerful Touch&More CNC you can use you finger as a pencil and simply draw the shape, you want to bend on the screen. The CADalyzer automatically creates a program using the part drawing. If the material thickness changes, the folding beam automatically adjusts itself before you start to work. The CNC backgauge fingers position the blank on the bend line. For large blanks, the backgauge and sheet support system can be extended as J- or U-shape to 3050 mm.