Cnc Folding Machines With Automatic Tool Change

Semi-Auto Panel Bending Centre For Enclosures, Panels, Boxes
Folding Sheetmetal Without Flipping For Reverse Bends
Get you part with a single mouse click!
A semi-automated bending center for panels and boxes up to 3200 mm in length, 3 mm thickness and 250 mm box height. Besides the up and down folding capability and the automatic tool change, the true highlight of the machine is the automatic programming feature.

  • Folding up and down
  • Rigid machine design
  • Very good angle accuracy
  • Straight bends
  • Compact machine. Little floor space required.
  • Servo-electric machine
  • Fast axes movements

PosLift gauging system
After the blank is squared, suction cups of the PosLift gauging system take over the part. Up to 132 suction cups position the workpiece for each bend. The UpDownCenter forms the sheet up and down, so the machine finishes one side of the part before the operator turns the blank to the next side.

  • Unique PosLift gauging system
  • Automatic sequences for each side of the part
  • Time for the operator for other operations

Fast tool change
The tool changer is not only fast, but also extremely flexible. The two gripper arms take the tool segments from the tool magazine and places them within one-hundredth of a millimeter accuracy in the automatic upper beam tool seat.

  • Tools with 250 mm height for 3 mm mild steel thickness
  • Automatic upper beam tool setup
  • Intelligent calculation of the fastest change-over strategy
  • Tool database
  • Graphic display of folding beam tool positions
  • Cross-program setup optimization (in job lists)