CNC Folding Machine MAKV S Up Folding

Only Up Folders, Control:nano Touch,POS2000           Email For Catalog
Technical Specifications
Basics Of Folding, Folding Of Large Panels, Folding Vs. Press Braking
Basics Of Folding, Folding Vs. Press Braking Blank Is Positioned By Cnc Backgauge Cum Sheet Support System. Upper Beam Moves Down To Clamp The Blank. Folding Beam Sweeps-Rotates To Fold The Job And Retracts. One Set Of Modular Universal Tools Can Perform Many Different Bends

Advantages Of Folding Vs. Press BrakeQuicker Easier Setup Allows Small Batch Quantities, Least Trials On Test Pieces, Less Dependcy On Operator Skills

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