CNC Folding Machine MAKV S MAKV

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Technical Specifications
Basics Of Folding, Folding Of Large Panels, Folding Vs. Press Braking
Basics Of Folding, Folding Of Large Panels, Folding Vs. Press Braking Blank is Positioned By Cnc Backgauge Cum Sheet Support System. Upper Beam Moves Down To Clamp The Blank. Folding Beam Sweeps-Rotates To Fold The Job And Retracts. One Set Of Modular Universal Tools Can Perform Many Different Bends

Advantages Of Folding Vs. Press Brake Quicker Easier Setup Allows Small Batch Quantities, Least Trials On Test Pieces, Less Dependcy On Operator Skills[showhide type=”links” more_text=”Read More” less_text=”Read Less”]

    • Fewer Tools – Fewer Tool Changes As Longer Machine Length Allows Multi-Stations, Same Tool Often Bends Different Radii, Hems, Bump Bends
    • Folding Bends Gently -Less Tool Wear,
    • First Part-Good Part – Once Programmed, Part Repeatability Dimensions- Bend Angles Guaranteed – Least Reworking On Post Bending Operations – Better Parts Lead To Easier Fit Up, Less Reworking – Finishing ?
    • Faster Setup- Operation- First Part Programmed, Finished Quickly With Least Test Pieces
    • Safety – Operator Does Not Hold The Part Nor In Contact With Job During Clamping Or Bending Cycle
    • Possibility Of Tools For All Beams Being Segmented, High Open Heights Allows Bend Taller Four-Sided Boxes
    • Quick Action Powered Tool Reduces Cycle Times, Operator Fatigue – Changeover To New Part Often Takes Only 2-5 Minutes.

    Bending Coated Sheets-Large Panels More Convenient: Mar-Free Forming Of Stainless Steel, Prepainted, Coated Sheets-The Material Does Not Slide Against DiesAccurate Dimensions- Folders Gauge The Part, Not The Flange :Accurate Bend Angles – Material Variation Does Not Affect The Bend AngleSafer – No Whip Up Of Large Blanks, Sheet Clamped Flat And BentLess Operators-Less Fatigue – Backgauge Supports The Part, The Operator Does Not, Only One Operator Is Needed.

    Easy Cnc Touch Screen Controls

    • Self Programming Capability to Allow Program All Axes, Rotating, Flipping.
    • Allows Operator Select Type Of Bend,Sketch/ Input Dimensions Of All Bends On All Edges.
    • Machine Checks For Possible Collisions, Suggests Best Sequence Automatically & Programs All Axes Automatically.
    • Jobs Can Be Stored As Icons- Photos For Quick Selection & Finished. Job Can Be Used As Library to Create A Group of Similar Parts OF Different Dimensions.


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