POS 3000 3D Graphic Control

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POS 3000 Graphic, Offline Programming, Accepts DXF, Remote Support
Available for
1. MAK 4 Evolution
2.MAK 4 Evolution UD
3. SPB Evolution
4. SPB Evolution UD
5.PowerBend Professional
POS 3000 3D graphic control – Interactive sheet design
  •   With the POS 3000 3D graphic control, Schröder Group is setting new standards in the control of industrial sheet metal processing.With POS 3000 controls the extensive capabilities offered by the high-end folding machines of the Evolution series can be used efficiently. Hardware and software have been developed as a unit – including control over complex machine options like automatic tool changers and handling robots.Programming with the POS 3000 is done on a touch screen. Individual product profiles can be designed easily via the intuitive finger-activated drawing feature. The exact dimensions may be entered and changed in the dimensioning menu. The machine, tool, work piece, and type of bend are all clearly displayed. 3D bending simulator allows the check of a program and provides extra security and highest quality starting from the first work piece.