Coil Storage Cutting Slitting Lines

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Coil Straightening-Cutting Lines For Sheetmetal
What Could Make Processing Of Sheet Metal Easier, More Flexible, And  More Economic?
Due to the great variety of sheets, companies are confronted to the problems of stock-keeping, purchasing and manufacturing. What could make processing of sheet easier, flexible, economic?
Use coils instead of sheet metal flat stock.
Process these coils on customized lines built from modular decoiling slitting, cross cutting stations.[showhide type=”links” more_text=”Read More” less_text=”Read Less”]Both advantages together means to secure a leading edge in your daily business.A lead which can pay off for small companies as well as large industrial enterprises.Advantages Of Using Coils Instead Of Sheetmetal For Your Bulk Sheetmetal Needs:
Better Purchasing Prices For Coils
Shorter Processing Time In Manufacturing
High Improved Use Of Material
Reduced Risk Of Accidents
Lower Storage Costs
Constant Precision
Reduced Working Time And
Less Personnel
Many Advantages To Cutting From Coils:
Constant Quality: With Precisely Cut And Smooth Edged Blanks
Lower Material Costs: Large Coils Are Cheaper Than Small Coils Or Sheets
Less Waste: Coils Can Be Slit More Precisely With Less Trim
Lower Labor Costs: The System Can Be Operated By A Single Worker
Greater Stock Capacity: Only One Width Is Needed For Each Material
Less Fabrication Time: Wider Coils Considerably Accelerate Handling Different Materials
State Of The Art Modular Design Allows Upgradation Expansion At Later Dates As Needs Grow
The State-Of-The-Art Design Allows A Wide Range For Expansion, Even At A Later Date:
Straighteners, Powered Or Manual Coil Selectors And Automatic, Center Punching Machines.
The System Can Be Extended One Step At A Time, Amortizing The Investment Over Several Years.[/showhide]