Coil Cutting-Slitting-Roll Forming Lines

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Offers Coil Processing Lines From Worldwide Leader STAM was established in 1963. The company employs 130 people. More than 1000 machines and lines have been delivered. Stam has strong infrastructure,man-power for fabrication, shot blasting, painting, cnc machining, electrical-hydraulic-pneumatic controls assembly-testing-software designing.
Cut-To-Length And Blanking Lines:
Coil Width                   up to 2,200 mm
Thickness                   between 0.2 and 20 mm
Coil weights               up to 45 tons and
speeds up to 120 m/min
Slitting Lines:-

Coil Width                  up to 2,200 mm
Thickness                   from 0.2 to 16 mm
Coil weights              up to 45 tons and
speeds up to 400 m/min

Rollforming Lines And Flexible Manufacturing Lines:-
Integrate the rollforming process with other technologies such as punching, bending, notching, welding, etc.
Thicknesses :- from 0.3 – 13 mm producing profiles for every industry

Other Coil Processing Lines:-
Lines for disks: For the production of round blanks, starting from coil.
Lines for coil shortening: For the production of small coils, starting from big size coils.
Coil treatment lines:
Inspection lines
Brushing / grinding lines
Galvanising / painting lines
Lines with tension levelling
Lines for tunnel profiles
Blanking lines:
Incorporating variable punching systems
Perforating or shaped cutting for special requirements
Ready for subsequent processing
Single machines: Standalone machines for special or dedicated applications:
Seaming machines
Curving machines
Special bending presses
Coil tiling units
Pack tiling units