Cut-To-Length & Blanking Lines

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Stam Italy Offers Coil Processing Lines From Worldwide Leader STAM was established in 1963. The company employs 130 people. More than 1000 machines and lines have been delivered. Stam has strong infrastructure,man-power for fabrication, shot blasting, painting, cnc machining, electrical-hydraulic-pneumatic controls assembly-testing-software designing.
Cut-To-Length Lines, takes flat rolled steel or coiled steel, unrolls it, levels and cuts it to desired length sheet. They are also known as blanking lines, levelling lines, and shear lines.Cut-to-length lines can be start/stop, such as in heavy guage metal processing, or a free loop on lighter guage materials.
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*Lines In
Start – Stop
These lines are the ideal choice for customers who do not require the high production rates associated with roll feed Lines and want to process heavier gauge, non-surface critical materials.
In these lines, the leveller/flattener works in a start-stop mode.
Strips upto 20mm thick and 2000mm wide can be processed on such lines.
*Lines With Stationary Shear And Roll Feed
Normally used for high quality requirements of sheets for Automotives and white goods, in these lines, the precision leveller runs continuously at a constant speed and pushes the material in a loop.
A low inertia feed roll pulls the material out of the loop at high speed and stops at the exact required length, ensuring accurate cut lengths. Length accuracy of ±0.30mm and diagonal accuracy of ±0.5mm can be achieved, depending on the selection of electrical controls.
These lines can cut sheets at the rate upto 60 cuts/minute and speeds upto 110mpm.
*Lines With
Flying Shear
These lines are ideal for processing soft or highly surface critical materials.
In these lines, the strip does not have to stop at any point of time, thus preventing any marking of the strip. These lines have shearing dies which accelerate to match the strip speed and cut at exact length in four-post underdriven presses.
*Lines With
Rotary Shear
These are used for thinner strips at fast speeds. Typical application is Galvanised and/or colour coated strips for roofing materials. The precision leveller runs at a constant speed. The shear blades are mounted on two eccentrics geared together and activated automatically to match the sheet speed at the exact length for shearing. Speeds upto 150mpm can be attained on such lines.
*Multi Blanking Lines
On which the coil is initially slit in the length direction before the divided material is cut to length. It is a method that can offer economic advantages for high volume production.
*Blanking Lines
Employed in the automotive field for the production of car body and chassis blanks.
Blanking Line