Cut To Length Line 0.3-2 x 800mm 300 m/min C340.00



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Model C 340.00
Cut-to-length line
Processed Material
galvanised and / or  prepainted steel, aluminium, silicon
min.-max. coil width: 200¸800 mm
min.-max. thickness: 0.3¸2 mm
coil weigth:   17 Tons
coil inside diameter: 508¸610 mm
coil outside diameter: 900¸2000 mm
Product characteristics
min.-max. coil width: 10¸800 mm
coil inside diameter: 406¸508 mm
coil outside diameter: 900¸2000 mm
Line characteristics
speed: up to 300 mt/min
produced coil number for each thickness:
30 with thickness up to 0.8 mm
18 with thickness up to 1.5 mm
10 with thickness up to 2 mm