Cut To Length 0.5-12 x 2000mm 20 m/min C377

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Model C377
Processed Materials
Traction resistance
Coil Widths
Cut blank of Length
Length tolerance
Coil Weight
Coil Dia. Range I.D./ O. D.
Max Feeding Speed/ Line Speed
Sen of run
Coil weight of Blank
Cut Blanks Range
Max. Weight of stack
Max weight of each piece(length 12 m)
Production Capacity
Blank Length 2000mm
Blank Length 7000mm
Stainless steel, hot rolled
Until 800 N/mm
1000 to 2000mm
3-8 mm
0,5-12 metri
±1mm on 2 metri
25 Tons
508 – 610mm/1600mm
20 m/min
from  right to left
25 ton
5 ton
1600 kg
10 pieces/min
15 pieces/min