Coil Cutting Blanking Line 0.5-2 x 1400mm 40m/min C213.01



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Model C213.01
Processed Materials                                                                             Rolled steel and galvanized
Coil Widths                                                                                                   500-1500mm
Thickness                                                                                                     0,5-2,0mm
Coil Weight                                                                                                   10 Tons
Coil Dia. Range I.D./ O. D.                                                                        508 – 610mm/900-1400mm
Max Feeding Speed/ Line Speed                                                              10-40 m/min
Cut Blanks Range                                                                                       500x500mm-1500x4000mm
Max. Weight of Cut Blanks                                                                       3 000Kg
Production Capacity
Blank Length 400mm                                                                                38 pieces/min
Blank Length 1000mm                                                                              30 pieces/min
Blank Length 2000mm                                                                             19 pieces/min