Roll Forming Lines

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Stam Italy Offers Coil Processing Lines From Worldwide Leader STAM was established in 1963. The company employs 130 people. More than 1000 machines and lines have been delivered. Stam has strong infrastructure,man-power for fabrication, shot blasting, painting, cnc machining, electrical-hydraulic-pneumatic controls assembly-testing-software designing.
Stam Italy is in a position to integrate the Rollforming process with other technologies such as Punching, Bending, Notching, Welding,etc.
Rollforming machines can be supplied as part of Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) which may consist of integrated punching, bending, notching, welding and other equipment.
The lines can be run for “just in time” operations with programming systems to produce finished components of different shapes and dimensions…….Download Catalog 
The Range Of Rollforming Lines And Flexible Manufacturing Lines
  • Logistics
*Cross Beams
*Panels For Metal Cabinets
*Chequer Plates
*Slide Guide Rails
  • Building
*Tile Pattern Roof Panels
*Roofing & Cladding Profiles
*Sandwich Panels
*False Ceilings
*Window Frames
  • Infrastructure
*Metal Shuttering For Concrete
*Crash Barrier Rails
*Profiles For Tunnel Construction
*Sound-Absorbing Panels
*Fencing Posts
  • Household Appliances
*Panels For Household Appliances
*Structural Profiles For Household Appliances
  • Automotive
*Truck Chassis Side Beams
*Profiles For Cars
*Body Panels For Commercial Vehicles
*Variable Section Profiles
*Profiles For Railway Wagons
  • Energy
*Solar Panels
*Cable Trays
*Light Fittings
*V-Shaped Light Fitting Reflectors
*Housings For Electric Motors
*Switchgear Cabinets
*Structural Profiles For Switchgear Mounting Panels
 Roll Forming Lines.
  • Corrugated-Trapezoidal Sheets
C308.00 Roll Forming Line for Corrugated Sheets 1.2 x 1175mm
C354.00 Roll Forming Line for Colour Coated Floor RooF Deck Sheets 1.30 x 1500mm
C313.05 Roll Forming Line For Corrugated Sheets 0.35-1.25 x 1500mm
C361.00 Roll Forming Line for Corrugated Sheets 0.5-1 x 1400mm
C339.00 Curved Roofings Line
C360.01 Roll Forming Line for Corrugated Sheets 0.4-1.5 x 1600mm
C344.00 Roll Forming Line for Corrugated Sheets 0.5-1.5 x 1500mm
  • Sandwich Panel
C300.01 Sandwich Panel Line
C353.00 Sandwich Panel Line 0.4+1.0x1400m
C329.01 Sandwich Panel Line 0.5-0.7x1250mm 15 m/min
C365.01 Sandwich Panel Line 0.4-0.6 x 1600mm
  • Tile Proof
Tiled Roof Line
  • Light Sections
C366.00 Roll Forming Line for Light Section 1-3.5 x 1600mm
C275.09 Roll Forming Line for  Light Section
C337.00 Roll Forming Line For Light Section 1-2 x 1500mm
C330.01 Water Gutters Forming Line 0.4 x 1050mm
C228.09 Roll Forming Line for Light Section
C297.09 Z Purlin Line 1.5-3mm 60 m/min
  • Heavy Sections
C119.03 Roll Forming Line for Heavy Sections
C322.00 Roll Forming Line For U Beams for Truck Chasis
C313.00 Roll Forming Line for Heavy Sections
Flexible Manufacturing Lines
C218.06 Flexible Manufacturing Line
C343.00 Flexible Manufacturing Line for Shelves
C303.00 Flexible Manufacturing Line