Steel Coil Slitting Lines

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Stam Italy Offers Coil Processing Lines From Worldwide Leader STAM was established in 1963. The company employs 130 people. More than 1000 machines and lines have been delivered. Stam has strong infrastructure,man-power for fabrication, shot blasting, painting, cnc machining, electrical-hydraulic-pneumatic controls assembly-testing-software designing.
STAM Offers Slitting Lines with Decoilers upto 45 Tons with mechanised loading. Quick automated changing of slitting tools. Download Catalog
A Slitting Line is used to break down master coils into smaller coils of a particular width, that an end user such as a metal stamper, tube producer, rollforming house can use in its production of some type of finished good.

C320 Slitting & Coil to Coil Line 0.25-3 x 1850mm 300m/min
Model C340.01
C323.03 Slitting & Re-Coiling Line 0.4-3 x 2100mm 200m/min
C346 Slitting Line 0.3-2 x 1550mm 400 m/min
C324.00 Slitting Line 0.8 x 1450mm 200 m/min
C336.00 Slitting & Re-Coiling Line 0.5-2 x 1350mm 200 m/min
C236.04 Coil Slitting Recoiling Line
C336.01 Slitting & Recoiling Line
C371.00 Coil to Coil Cutting Line