Ironworker 5 Work stations – Multi Utility Fabrication Machine

Metfab offers IRONWORKERS With 4/5 Tooled Stations to Fabricate
with appropriate tools it can PUNCH – SHEAR – NOTCH – FOR

The Ironworker is the most used and most versatile machine a person can have in their manufacturing or fabrication shop.

They can shear flat plate, angle iron, round and square bar stock as well as punch plates, angles, I-beam and channel iron.

Some have a station for notching and forming of different materials.

Ironworkers save time, increase productivity, eliminate waste and create clean smooth cuts and holes.

A hydraulic ironworker can be used for punching, shearing, notching, bending and other metal fabrication functions.

Modern systems generate force by use of mechanical advantage multiplying force of hydraulic cylinders.

High strength carbon steel blades and dies of various shapes are used to work the metal.

The machine itself is made of very heavy steel to handle the enormous force that can be generated during use.

Ironworkers are rated according to the force they can generate in tons; ratings usually start at 45 tons and go as high as 280 tons.

The area around each station should be at least 20 feet since that is the common stock length of most materials used on ironworkers.

Due to the reduction in the amount of man hours and effort needed to cut or punch steel sections, an ironworker is often an integral part of commercial manufacturing facilities and fabrication shops. They are easily re-tooled for various operations and can be operated by one person.

Ironworkers can do more than the occasional punching and shearing

An ironworker of right tonnage with a custom bending tool set can excel at bottoming an offset or U-bends.

Custom punching and notching tools allow an ironworker to cut complex geometries in angle iron and plate.

It is extremely useful for bending brackets, hinges from flat bars for sheetmetal panels.

And for bending narrow U-Bolts from rods bent with two 90-degree bends.

Ironworkers also can handle tube, as one shop demonstrates with a custom tube punching setup.

Ironworkers helps punch oval cuts in welded tubes supported on mandrels to make a T-joint.

With pillar die sets with appropriate slug removal, it can cut complicated patterns in one hit.

A four-hole pillar die set with efficient slug removal can punch a four-hole pattern in one hit.

Standard tooling allows workers to position common hole locations precisely, such as in the four corners of a baseplate.

Ironworkers are multi-purpose, multi-station fabrication machines for plates, round bars, square bars, angles, channels, I-beams, pipes, etc.With appropriate tooling-accessories they can be used for press brake bending, shearing, punching, notching, flange trimming etc of various sections. Extremely Versatile. Faster Than Drilling, Faster Than Band Saw.
Without It Your Shop Might Need 4 To 12 Separate Machines.

Available In Different Models
Work Stations Of IWD Series  Ironworkers
Angle Shearing Station
Flat Bar Shearing Station
Punching Station
Bar Channel Beam Shearing Station
Notching Station