Multiple Coil Storage Cutting Lines For Inhouse Just In Time Blank Creations

Stand-Alone Blanking Line With/ Without Coil Warehousing
For Inhouse JIT Cutting Sheetmetal Blanks
— Coil Storage Stations: 0, 1 or 6, 8, 10, 12, 14
— Longitudinal Cut By 8 Slitting Knives Min Cut 60mm
— Traverse Cut By Guillotine. Auto Gap Adjustment.
— Option Of Rotary Shear For Partial Cuts
— Straightening (Automatic, Progressive) 5/7 Rollers
— Fully Auto Coil-Change 2.5 min From Cut-To- Cut 6 Coils
— Fully Auto Coil Loading, Insertion Into Shear Line
— Electronic Order Management Possible By Network
— Modular Design Allows To Add Stations As Use Grows
— Faster Production, High Flexibility For 24×7 Production
— Less Scrap, Less Coil Damage, Great Cutting Accuracy
— Many Options (Partial Cross-Cut, Film- And Label Appl.,…)
— Best Use Of Space With High Density Sheet/Coil Storage
— Least Handling – Logistics. Quick Automated Change-Over
— Ideal For On-Demand Blanking, Just-In-Time Cutting