Plate Processing Machine- Drills, Taps, Countersinks, Brushes, Marks, Plasma Cuts




Four Grippers 0-20 Tons To Hold Plate & Move Plate Along X-Axis With Two Brushless Servo Motors




Input Plate

Min. Length 200 mm

Max. Lenght 30000 mm

Min. Width 100 mm

Max Thickness 2750 mm

Output Plate

Min Lenght 30 mm

Min Width 30 mm

Max. Thickness 250 mm Oxy Fuel

40 mm With Plasma Hypertherm HPR 240

60 mm With Plasma Hypertherm HPR 400

Drilling Spindle

Max Drilling Diameter 50 mm

Max Drilling Thickness 100 mm

Spindle Power (Servomotor) 22 Kw (Constant Torque)

Tool Feed Spped 0-7000 Rpm

Cross Positioning Speed 0-900 mm/Min

Vertical Positioning Speed 40 M/Min

Vertical Positioning Speed 32 M/Min

Working Height 750 mm

Automatic Tool Changer

Infeed Roller Conveyor 500/3000 mm

Outfeed Roller Conveyor 2500mm (Standard)

Plate Feeding Speed 40 M/Min

Marking Unit Yes