Coil-Fed Punching Line And Fiber Laser Cutting Combined Solutions ELXN

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Coil-Fed Punching Line And Fiber Laser Cutting Combined Solutions ELXN
Metfab Offers PXN Punching Machines With Hydraulically Operated Heads. The Continuous In-Line Processing Helps 100% Optimisation Of Material At Output Faster Than Any Traditional Sheet-Fed System. The Lines Can Be Fully Customized To Process Materials Of Different Width And Thickness, With A Wide Choice Of Tool Configuration And The Possibility Of Integrating In-Line Presses To Maximize Output.
Dalcos ELXN combo is the first system in the world to combine the Flexibility of in-line laser cutting with the efficiency of coil-fed punching and also double the output thanks to the special configuration with separate modules.As always with in-line production, Dalcos ELXN combo optimizes the material up to 100% while the simultaneous action of the punching machine and laser cutter makes for ahigher thru-put than all the traditional systems.In line with basic LEAN PRODUCTION principles, Dalcos combo system keeps setuptimes to a minimum while efficiency, productivity and flexibility are kept to a maximum.
Double output

  • The New Production System, Dalcos ELXN, Combines In The Same Line The EXN
  • System And The LXN In-Line Laser Cutter, Thereby Also Combining The Advantages
  • Offers To Obtain More Than Double The Output.
  • Dalcos ELXN Combo Processes Coils From 200mm Up To 1500mm Wide With
  • Varies From 0.6 Up To 4mm.
  • Like LXN, Also The Combo System Has The Exclusive Dalcos ACX Vision System, Which
  • The Exact Position Of The Holes Punched Previously By The Punching Machine So
  • Cutting Is Extremely Precise. The Electric Punching Machine Uses Up To 48 Standard
  • Tools With 20 Tons Of Power For Each Tool So That Machining Processes Such
  • Multiple Holes And Punching Can Be Carried Out.
  • ELXN Combo System May Be Equipped With Customized Unloading Systems.