Sheet Coil Punching Line Module


The Flexible Punching Line Is an Automatic Punching Unit for the production of punched and embossed sheet metal,ranging from  0.4 to 5.0 mm thickness.The CPC/SPC can be used for both coil(CPC,Coil Punching Center) and Sheet(SPC, Sheet Punching Line).

Because of its Modular construction, The flexible Punching Center can be integrated into complete production lines for both coil and sheet material, yet still has the flexibility to be used as a stand-alone machine.The CPC/SPC can be executed with various options such as a perforation press, side cutters, laser or bending and joining Solutions

Coil punching

Coil punching is the best solution when higher productivity is important. Side cutters in the Metfab machine increase flexibility, justify the production of smaller batches, obviating the need for coil changes and also increasing the availability of your machine. Coil punching guarantees higher productivity.

Sheet punching

Sheet punching is applied when flexibility plays an important part in the production process. Punching starts with the cut sheet and is carried out with the aid of standard thick turret tooling or special tools. The option of processing different sheet sizes alternately offers more flexibility than punching with coil material. Moreover, curvature in the coil has no influence on the punching tolerances.