Surface Finishing Machines For Long Sections

Metfab offers European machines for mechanical surface finishing of metals.
Belt Grinding- Polishing Machines for Long Parts. Stand-Alone Bundle to Bundle. On In-Line Machines To Integrate in Production Mill.
Machines for Long Flats, Sheets, Plates, Coils Machines For Round Tubes, Bars, Pipes
Belt Grinding-Polishing Solutions for Complex Parts Eg. kitchenware, bathware,  hardware, furnitures, fashion accessories, etc. Deburring Machine For Metal Parts
Few Reasons For Surface Finishing-Grinding-Polishing-Deburring
Finishes To Achieve an appreciable surface, satin, brushed or mirror polished and other type of surface finishes with high and homogeneous quality all over the products. Preparation For Coating-Plating To Prepare the surfaces for successive coating or other treatment, such as chroming or electro-polishing.
Achievement Of Target Roughness To Create on the surface a target roughness, to improve corrosion resistance or in preparation for a successive application. Removal Of Impurity And Defects To clean the surfaces from defects and impurity with the scope to reduce the noise during NDT tests
Stock Removal To Grind with stock removal to recover from defects or machining marks and to match required dimensional tolerances, Deburring For Mechanical deburring of specific areas respecting shapes and tolerances.