Longitudinal Mirror Polishing For Tubes Profiles

We offer the possibility to achieve the highest grade of mirror polishing on the surface thanks to the design which will polishing the products lengthwise, this create a better reflection of the light and smoother looking of the products. It is build on customer requirement in term of number of units, workable dimensions of the products and productivity. Application possibility include aluminum profile, furniture components, stainless steel, brass and luminum tubes round or square. According to models the machine capacity reach 6 meters in length and can work batches of up to 10 pieces, that allow 60 meters of tubes to be worked simultaneously to the highest grade of polished surface.
The products to be worked are hold by apposite support, which rotate with programmable angle, in continuous or step by step when are worked shaped profiles. Tools in couple will work from top and bottom the products for the whole length, with controlled working pressure, oscillation and automatic abrasive compound feeding and recovery of tools wear. The working cycle is full automatic and programmable and managed by the main PLC.
This is an automatic machine designed with modular system componible according to customer demand with the following parts and accessories.
c) COMPLETE HANDLING systems either for short and long products for example such as roller conveyors or transporting belts and dedicated loading and unloading devices.
d) Automatic loading and unloading tables or cradle.
e) PACKING MACHINE to close each single pipe into a plastic bag.
f) FILTRATION SYSTEM, sized on the machine dimensions and performances, filters of different types are added to treat either the coolant liquid , working mists and dusts generated during the production cycle.
g) SPECIAL DEVICES to be considered on a case by case basis will be possible to integrate in the machine measure devices for dimensions and roughness.