Orbital Polishing Systems For Tubes Pipes Bars

In line polishing machine with orbital system are now evolved and thanks to the increased performances can be considered an advanced solution to match various polishing needs that cannot be solved with traditional systems for lack of speed and high costs. Application for PLS Serie are many For example are commonly integrated into welding line for tubes,  bars drawing mill or is used as preparation into NDT lines to eliminate the superficial noise during the test. As the most attractive characteristic of model PLS is the possibility to be integrated easily into a new or already existing production line,  considering the “space saving” compact design and the fact that the standard machines include all required adjustments to easily match the main equipment pass line. PLS working concept is based on a “planetary” rotative high speed movement of the machine internal structure,  so that during  finishing operations the machine itself and the tools are revolving  around the products while these are fed straight through the machine, without being put in rotation and using the feeding system of the main line, with minimal modifications.
The winning points of this solution is found on investment and running costs.
Working in line gives various advantages, for example no extra handling and additional operator, as is not necessary to install dedicated handling system, in fact the machine will use the transport of the main line with minimal modifications, and will be supervised by the same operator. The model PL are available in two versions according to tools, that cane be PLN using grinding belts or PLS with grinding wheels, such as abrasive wheels or similar, these second version PLS are the most required from the market and the one which present more innovation, in fact despite on one side these tools are limited in stock removal on the other side present higher performances for speed and long term constancy in finishing. In details Each machine PLS work with two tools and is available in three dimensions according to the tools length of 300 up to 1200 mm, thanks to this the machine is extremely performing in speed. Applications for these machine are many and vary, most commonly PLS are as said integrated into production lines for example for stainless steel tubes and bars, before NDT tests systems.