POS 2000 Professional – Graphic Control

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 POS 2000 Graphic Controls With Option Of Offline Programming
Available for

  1. MPB
  2. MPB UD
  3. PowerBend Universal
  4. PowerBend Professional
 POS 2000 Professional – the standard for industrial folding machines
  •  The proven POS 2000 Professional makes programming a folding machine fast and comfortable. The desired program components can be selected from a comprehensive and expandable catalog, the angle and side dimensions are easily changed by pressing the monitor.The control software displays exactly what the machine is doing: The folding machine, work piece, and tool are displayed schematically and updated for every bending step. Anyone who programs preparation of the work away from the machine can test the quality of their program using the bending simulation, which effectively avoids waste and delays during production.The software not only controls the machine, but also offers assistance to the user: all of the necessary operator activities like turning, rotating, etc. are displayed for each bending step.?