Rollforming Line for Sandwich Panels 0.4+1.0x1400mm C353.00



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C353.00 Rollforming Line for Sandwich Panels  0.4+1.0x1400mm
Thickness of the corrugated panels
Thickness of the roof panels
(highness of the trapezoidal profile 38 mm)
Useful largeness of the panel
Length of the panel produced  of the line
Length of the panel cut out of the line
Overlapping on the roof panel
Thickness of the panels for cold
Coil width
Coil weight
Coil Dia. I.D./O.D.
Thickness lower/ higher panel
Installed speed
Height of the line entry/exit
Pressure max.skimming on plate
30-100 mm
68-138 mm
more or less 1000 mm
2000-18000 mm
500-3000 mm
50-300 mm
60-250 mm
1000-1220 mm
1-16 ton
0.40-1.00 mm
1.5 -15 m/min.
1250-1350 mm
0.3-0.4 kp/cm2