Sheetmetal ASRS Automated Sheetmetal Storage Retrieval System

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We provide towers with 10-25 pallets for storage of sheet metal plates.  It uses swing arm feeder for loading to offer sheetmeal to laser cutting, punching machines, panel benders, folding machines, press brakes. We can set up as many towers as clients need along side the machines.
Suitable for pallet loading, handling, storage.
Safe, durable, easy to maintain, low equipment cost, high work efficiency.
Reduce the time for operators.
Utilize Automatic Storage/Retrieval management system to control materials on the spot.
The effective use of floor space means that saving more than 50% of the ground space and the floor space is improved.
Energy-saving devices to reduce use of electricity.
Increase the productivity and increase production capacity.
Exclusive shock-absorbing structure.
Exclusive lifting mechanism with Anti-Drop device.
Office Connection Data Transmission System.
Simple control interface with user-friendly software.