Flat Top Bottom Grinding Polishing For Tubes Bars

The most advanced solution dedicated to work on long flat products such as tubes and bars. SPX is a full automatic system working from bundle to bundle. The units divided in couples, works simultaneously on two faces of the products, with controlled pressure in order to use an high but balance the working force and to upkeep the same effect on the products avoiding overburning or bending. The machine is able to work on more pieces simultaneously on two faces or in case of more units to work the piece on 4 faces in one pass. The cycle is completely automatic and take care of the loading and driving of the products if these  are even unstraight. The whole machine set up, simple and intuitive, keeps as reference the products centre, and is obtained by simply input of the dimensions to be worked. Special design that take care of many aspects of the working process, despite big dimensions of units and structure this machine is equipped with a very fine regulation of the working pressure and with the possibilty to set up the machine for fine polishing ofr for  aggressive stock removal. Another aspect particularly improved is the treatment of the coolant liquid and mud generated during the working process, where all the mechanical parts are separated from the working area  for better cleanness of the machine and to reduce maintenance time. On demand is possible to have single products packing system with plastic bag or protective foiling.
This is an automatic machine designed with modular system componible according to customer demand with the following parts and accessories.
a) TOP BOTTOM BELT GRINDING UNITS. Working on opposite faces simultaneously.
b) LEFT and RIGHT BELT GRINDING UNITS. Working on opposite faces simultaneously.
c) BRUSHING or POLISHING UNITS for scotch brite or mirror polishing.
d) COMPLETE HANDLING systems either for short and long products , designed on demand such as roller conveyors, indexing and transfer devices.
e) Automatic loading and unloading tables.
f) PACKING MACHINE to close each single pipe into a plastic bag or with protective foil
g) FILTRATION SYSTEM, sized on the machine dimensions and performances, filter of different type are added to treat either the coolant liquid , working mists and dusts generated during the production cycle.